Welcome to inside the ra life. You have stumbled yourself onto the site that lets you inside the world of what it is like to be a Resident Advisor on a college campus. No it is not all fun in games although we can pull off some pretty exciting programs. The job itself is like no other, for as a RA where you live is wrapped up in your job. The job can be grueling with nights on call, residents who act more like infants rather than young adults, and dealing with parents who are nervous to see their child leave. On the other hand the job can be thrilling with personal growth and skills that will become an advantage in the world outside college, meeting new people and being their support system away from home, and taping into your creative side by pulling off fun programs making students take a break  from being cooped up in their room. You can learn all about it right here on this blog. Learn what it all entails of what it takes to be an RA.