It is all a Process

Taking on the role of the Resident Advisor opens up doors to personal growth. When accepting the job as the Resident Advisor, it pushes you to work on differnt skills which benefits you throughout life. A key skill that one develops as an RA is communication. It goes beyond the roll of communicating with fellow peers in a social aspect, but also communicating to those who look up to the RA for guidance. It taps into all different aspects of communication because with in the job there are different levels of communication. There are both formal and informal ways of communication that goes on. With formal communication, it can be handled in times of dealing with certain incidences,speaking with a boss, and speaking with the knowledge of differnt backgrounds. The informal use of communication comes when speaking with peers as a friend and as a confidant.


About bmbeaulieu

I am a junior attending the University of Alabama. Currently i am in persuit of getting a undergrad degree in Management. To fill my time besides studying, I am a Resident Advisor working in the lovely dorm that is called Lakeside West.
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