Its who you meet first

Boom… You are finally a freshman in college. You pull up your loaded car to your new residence hall. An unfamiliar face comes rushing to greet you with an over excited smile and a perky voice reasuring you that everything will be okay. Who is that person you ask? Well, it is your Resident Advisor! The person who is there to guide you on your journey through that new step in life. The resident advisor is there since day one hauling all your items to you new living quarters. The Resident Advisor  is there for you all year long at any time for your convenience (even if it falls out of convenience for them). First hall meeting, every new freshman gathers in the common area to hear the dreaded rule speech. Do not be fooled if the RA seems harsh and mean by listing all the different ways to get in trouble. They are only trying to give off the illusion that they are tough and will not put up with the childish behavior. Every RA knows that these rules will be broken and each freshman will mess up concidering they are finding their way with this new found “freedom”. No reason to fret, the RA will be your guidence counselor, friend, mediator, or a familiar face,that you will grow to miss once you move out of the dorms.
This blog is place where all those questions about an RA can be answered and one can learn who becomes an RA, what it takes, the growth and responsibility, and what happens on a night on call.

Your RA is here to say Welcome!

Your RA is here to say Welcome!



About bmbeaulieu

I am a junior attending the University of Alabama. Currently i am in persuit of getting a undergrad degree in Management. To fill my time besides studying, I am a Resident Advisor working in the lovely dorm that is called Lakeside West.
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