Don’t think about it!

Prohibited items can be tricky to think about. Some items are an obvious no (don’t even think about it!) like drugs and alcohol under 21, while some are more questionable like are toasters okay? Resident advisors are the ones loading up the big move in boxes with all the items one could ever imagine they need to survive their years in college. With this in mind, an RA is able to spot a prohibited item from miles away and will not be afraid to write someone up on the spot, or simply suggest you don’t even try to unpack the item. This is an on going struggle throughout the year with the monthly health and safety checks as up keep to make sure everyone is safe in the dorm. There will always be those residences that try to hide their prohibited items, but usually they are discovered. Resident advisors don’t try to be malicious as they throw away the beautifully scented candle that could potentially burn down the whole building. To save time and the worry of being written up, a new resident is always able to know right away of an approved list of items before they move in :).



About bmbeaulieu

I am a junior attending the University of Alabama. Currently i am in persuit of getting a undergrad degree in Management. To fill my time besides studying, I am a Resident Advisor working in the lovely dorm that is called Lakeside West.
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