A little Parody

Most people have a preconceived image of what an RA and living in a dorm room is like. Majority of the time they are true. Resident advisors can seem overly happy when you first meet them or come across like they are strict and hold all the power. In fact these are all just how resident advisors first present themselves because they are trying to set an image and reach out to the new residents.

This video shows what living as an RA and a resident in the dorm is like but they over exaggerate and make it humorous.

In reality you cant tell the difference between an RA and a regular upperclassman besides the fact that they are more open to reaching out to the new freshman.


About bmbeaulieu

I am a junior attending the University of Alabama. Currently i am in persuit of getting a undergrad degree in Management. To fill my time besides studying, I am a Resident Advisor working in the lovely dorm that is called Lakeside West.
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