You can’t get attached

Bulletin boards are where all the important information about specific dates, instructions, and common facts will be posted in the residence hall. These bulletin boards can be time consuming for RA’s if they want to get creative with the idea and how it is presented. It goes so far as some RA’s researching creative themes and spending hours painting and stapling up their bulletin boards.
All of that can be ruined in a snap of the fingers. It is hard to say but RA’s must never get attached to their hard creative work because living in the residence hall, it deemed to be ripped down or messed up in a way. There is no explanation for the phenomenon residents find in destroying them, it just happens.
Don’t let that discourage you with not putting in effort! Just accept the fact that you can not get attached.


About bmbeaulieu

I am a junior attending the University of Alabama. Currently i am in persuit of getting a undergrad degree in Management. To fill my time besides studying, I am a Resident Advisor working in the lovely dorm that is called Lakeside West.
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