About Me


Hey there, it’s me Berkeley!

Hello there. I am Berkeley a junior attending the University of Alabama studying management, and as you guessed it, a Resident Advisor. This is my third year attending the University and my second year working with housing. I enjoy my work with in housing because it reminds me of babysitting in a way, which is what I did all though out high school. I hail from Los Angeles California where I grew up before taking a random plunge to uproot my familiar setting and go away to school in Alabama.

A little background information about me is that I am a middle child of three with an older sister and a younger brother. I was always involved in playing sports growing up, with my father always being my coach up until high school where he became my coach on the sidelines. I played on the basketball team with my sister, as well as  the volleyball team. My high school isn’t your average school, because I went there from 6th grade to 12th so the friends I made early on were the friends I experienced everything with. That was the hardest thing to leave them all behinde when it came time to leave for college.

The start of college year was a new beginning for me. Right away before even settling into my new dorm room, I joined a sorority. Along with the people I met in my freshman dorm and the sorority, I made new friends that would be apart of this new chapter in my life. Since college I have become more adventurous I would like to think. Throughout the year I keep myself busy with either spur of the moment road trips or going to the lake to do a little cliff jumping. To wrap up some things about me is that I enjoy and love seeing what the world has to offer and I hate staying still except for those certain TV shows I cant help but binge watch on Netflix. I enjoy being surrounded by friends and would rather the room be filled with noise rather than silence, and lastly sleeping in and going to bed early are things I never do.



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