This link will bring you to the description of what the University of Alabama expects out of their RA’s as well as the qualifications it entails to obtain the job, compensation, and the time commitment.

This link will be helpful to anyone moving into the residence halls. It is a complete checklist that consists of what to bring, what not to bring, and some ideas to help with organization.

This Link it useful for those who are Resident Advisors and need some inspiration for various programing ideas. There are great ideas for all sorts of occasions and even specific topics.

This link here provided some handy information for those first years, and gives them an idea of what to expect living in a dorm room. It gives specifics like how to deal with sharing a bathroom, and the different style dorms there are out there.

This link will help any Resident Advisor needing help on how to deal with certain situations. This site gives approaches and ideas on how one should go about dealing with situation that arise in a residence hall like negative behavior, suicide, and identity.